IDRIS: Forms

All of the IDRIS forms on this page must be sent to the IDRIS secretariat by one of the following methods:

  • By e-mail sent to

but only from an institutional e-mail address (Gmail and Yahoo, for example, are excluded), and preferably signed with a CNRS2-Standard electronic certificate.
Important : The total size of the attachments to your e-mail must not exceed 10MB. If this number is exceeded, we will not receive your e-mail.

  • By postal mail to the following address (In this case, please inform IDRIS of the postal mail by sending an e-mail to ):
  rue John Von Neumann
  Bâtiment 506  BP 167
  F-91403 Orsay cedex

Instructions for completing the forms:

For the GENCI account creation request form (DCC), please complete the form on the internet portal and do not forget to save and validate it in order to print it and add the signatures.

For the FGC form complete on line (to avoid any typing error) with the modifiable Pdf form, print it and add all the necessary signatures before sending.

Account creation request form (GENCI): GENCI account creation request form (DCC)
FGC form to:
- request adding a project to an existing account.
- request the closing of an account.
- request changing the user part of an initial password.
- add or delete a designated replacement manager for an existing project.
- add or delete a security manager.
- add or delete a user IP address.  
- request modification of a user postal address without changing the account(s).
- report that a user is temporarily working from outside of France.
- report that the organisation or service responsible for the machines is different from your laboratory.
CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) Information System Security Charter pdf